Despite some recent, very high profile successes for Ethnic British actors and directors; Steve McQueen, Dev Patel and Chiwetel Ejiofor to name a few, the representation of ethnic minorities in the British Film and TV industries is falling.

% of ethnic minority representation in 2012:
Film Production: 5.3%
Film Distribution: 3.4%
Film Exhibition: 4.5%

(Source: BFI.org.uk)


So what can be done to address this growing issue? This question, and the desire to answer it, is at the heart of the S.O.U.L foundation; and the acronym “Screening Our Unseen Lives” is driven by our mission to bring the creative talents of this under represented community to the big screen.

Established in 2013, S.O.U.L was formed to create a platform that celebrates and connects ethnic filmmakers, supported by industry heavyweights, actors, filmmakers and production houses with the mission to make the British Film and TV industry more diverse.

Find out how we connect like-minded individuals, ranging from established filmmakers to those just starting out, on the WHAT WE DO tab.

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